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Hello guyz,,
i don't know what will i say to you about this blog maybe not long, i think.. hhe xD
Ok this blog is created at January 5th 2012. I need more time to think the name for this blog.

And my sister give me idea to use this name (Widget and Tutorial), and finally i use this name ^^. I very like blogging, before this i also have 1 blog, the name is Asian Fanatics, a blog which share about asian (korean, jepang, indonesia, mamnadrin,etc) start from synopsis, download, news and gossip, etc. Beside that, my hobby is design.. :p
Usually i use photoshop and macromedia flash to design blog. Okeyyy,, i think enough for me, like i say in the first, my story is not long and it's right?! Sorry for my bad english xD

     Best regard


aufiena rahma said...

Bagus ,.,
Pengen punya Blog beginihh.. :(

aufiena rahma said...

pengen punya Blog begeneh.. :(
gimana caranya..

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